Youtube Marketing

What Is Youtube Marketing?

1] An Assential Strategy To Take Advantage Of The Web's Massive Shift Toward Video
2] Over 1,325,000,0000 People Using Youtube
3] Curreently 300 Hours Of Video Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute

Making Money From Youtube 5 Ways

1] Generating Leads 
2] Adsense 
3] Affillate Marketing 
4] Sponsored Videos
5] Crowdsourcing

You Tube Seo 
Make Your (Awesome) Video 

1] Focus On quality As User The Most Important You Tube , So Make Sure You Keep Engaging The Viewer 
2] Attention Span is low on Youtube, so make sure you keep engaging the viewer
3] Dont be boring. make a list of all the good points about your competitors videos and incrporate them 
4] See User Experienc data in your you tube analytics

Upload Your Video With YouTube SEO In Mind

1] Video Filename
2] Video Title
3] Description
4] Tags

Get Video Views 

1] More Views + Higher rankings 
2] your video viewsin the first 48 hours matter the most
3] embed Your Videos In Blog Posts promomote in relevant facebook groups add it in playlists etc
4] Riht Tags Can Get Your Video In Suggested Video In Suggested Video Section 

Tips On Getting Your First 1000 Subscribers 

1] post useful content consistently
2] name your videos strategically
3] spruce up your channel design
4] shoot in various locations
5] shoot in various locations
6] create A click worthy custom thumbnaill
7] use annotations 
8] ask for subscribers
9] be yourself

Become An Influencer

1] Focus on something you like 
2] video ideas for youtube find your niche 
3] market your content 
4] post your content when your audience is most active 
5] post content regularly
6] use trends in your industry to gain traction for your videos
7] free giveaways
8] ask lots of questions

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