Instagram Marketing

what is instagram ?

1] Instagram instagram is a photo sharing mobile app 
2] it was launched in 2010 as a typical freebie app


1] 800 million + instagram accounts ative every month
2] 500 million + instagram accounts active every day
3] 80% of accounts follow a business on instagram
4] 300 million + accounts use instagram stories every day
5] number of photos shared to date 40 billion 
6] number of instagram likes per day 4.2 billion
7] post that includ at least one hashtag get more engagement

why instagram marketing?

1] higher engagement with visual content
2] enhance your branding 
3] its marketer friendly
4] drive traffic and grow your business 
5] make money through sponsorship
6] useful feedback and insights 

instagram profile setup

1] choosing the perfect insagram handle/username
2] optimizing your instagram bio
3] perfecting your instagram displlay picture
4] choosing the right hashtag 
5] the best times to post on instagram?

instagram contnt strategy

1] without the right content strategy your instagram marketing will fail
2] consistency should not be taken lightly
3] creating high quality images the easy way using the right apps
4] scheduling your images at the right time and on automation


1] location specific
2] lifestyle specific
3] brand specific
4] challenge or contest specific
5] event specific
6] subject specific

growth hacks how to grow 10000 followers / week 

1]follow unfollow for the first few hundred followers.

2] shout for shout will be the most helpful strategy for scaling your account
     *use kik messenger or telegram for joining shout for shout communities
a/b testing is the key 
     * test various kinds of images and find the trends which kinds of images are getting the most engagement 
     * also a/b test the timing. engagement might be lower for one timing and extremely high for other

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