Email Marketing

Definition = Email Marketing Is directly Marketing A Commercial Message To A Group Of  People Using Email 

Benefits Of Email Marketing 

1} Email Marketing Is Targeted = With Email Marketing,You Have The Ability To Control Exactly Who Sees An Email By Segmenting Your Contacts based On Their Lead Status, Demographics, Location Or Any Other Data

2} Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness = With Each Email Send, Consumers Are Exposed To Your Business And Your Brand

3} Email Marketing Is Easily Shareable = One Simple Click Of The Forward Button, Subscribers Can Share Your Deals,Offers And News With Their Friends.

4}Email Marketing Is Measurable = Analytics Are indispensable To Measuring The Success Off Any Campaign

5}Email Marketing Is Cost Effective = Perhaps The Most Appealing Advantage of Email Marketing is The Return On Investment.No Print Cost,No postage Fees,No Advertising Rates.

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